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Alan Talbot was one of the first people to attempt typesetting music by computer. He started work on the problem in March of 1981 at Dartmouth College, then in September of 1981 joined New England Digital Corporation, where he created the Synclavier Music Engraving System. This system was the first commercially available music typesetting program, and was in active use worldwide until about 1994. Although it has largely been replaced by Music Press (and other software), it has set hundreds of thousands of pages of music. In the late 80's, Mr. Talbot served on the ANSI committee for music representation standards. In January of 1990 he left NED to start Graphire. He is the author of Music Press.

Robert Eliason is a music historian, musician, music typesetter, and author. He worked for 5 years at New England Digital as a technical writer, and wrote all the early Graphire documentation. Dr. Eliason is also a widely published expert in the history of brass instruments.

David Fuqua is a composer and professional typesetter. He has broad experience with music typesetting software. He wrote all of the recent Graphire documentation with the exception of the Online Reference (of which he is an editor). He also directs technical support at Graphire.

Charles Hiestand is a composer, musician, music typesetter, and professional trainer and consultant to the computer industry. He provides technical support and engineering services to Graphire.


Graphire Corporation was founded in 1990 by Alan Talbot, Robert Eliason, and a group of private investors to provide professional software solutions for a variety of markets.

Development started on Music Press in 1991. It has been available commercially since 1994. Music Press inherits all of the research and experience behind the Synclavier Music Engraving System. The Synclavier system went through two major generations over eight years, starting out as a simple transcription add-on to the Synclavier digital synthesizer, and ending up as a professional music typesetting system used worldwide. Music Press is therefore a "third generation" system--the result of over 19 years of continuous research and development.

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