Graphire Music Press is a professional music notation typesetting program that is setting a new worldwide standard for quality in printed music.

Music Press combines in one intuitive package the features of a line-art graphics program, a page layout program, and a music notation expert system. Our fundamental design goals are accuracy, speed, reliability, and ease of use.

The powerful graphics and page layout capabilities are specifically tailored to the demands of music notation, and as such are easier to use and more powerful for music typesetting than general purpose tools.

The expert system contains the accumulated experience and design aesthetics of many professional music engravers, and years of extensive study of music notation practice. This expert knowledge is incorporated into the automatic operation of the software.

Every aspect of Music Press is optimized for maximum work flow in time-critical situations. The entry and editing processes are smooth and logical, featuring rapid note and lyric entry, point-and-click editing, automatic spacing and layout. Screen redraw is instantaneous. Program stability and file compatibility and consistency across platforms are primary considerations in every design decision.

Music Press has professional printing features such as precise image positioning and page imposition with creep correction. Printing is also very fast. These capabilities save money on prepress for high-volume printing and make low-volume, on-demand printing a cost-effective reality.

Music printed with Music Press is aesthetically comparable to the finest classic hand engraving, both in the typeface and the note spacing and layout.

Current version: 9.0
Macintosh: MacOS 7 - 9
Windows: Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000

Fast note entry from computer or MIDI keyboard

Point and click access to every object

Intuitive and easy to learn and remember

Highly automated, intelligent objects

All automation controllable and adjustable

Highly customizable work environment

Wide variety of specialized notations

Professional printing features

Unequaled output

Seamless cross-platform support

More features...

Music Press is capable of a broad range of notational practices, including many modern notations, and has specific features for a number of special musical styles such as commercial copying (Broadway), guitar tablature, choral and shape note music, handbell music, and instructional letter notation. Several staff sizes may be combined within a system of music, and all notations may be freely mixed with each other and with blocks of text.

Music Press owners include publishers, typesetters, copyists, composers, arrangers, and music students and faculty. They consistently tell us of high productivity and client satisfaction, and that using Music Press is easy and fun. They share thoughts like these on the Customer and Reviews pages:

Music Press works. As a prepress manager, I depend on Music Press to generate usable files quickly and reliably. As a typesetter, I count on Music Press for accuracy and flexibility. And as a composer, Music Press is the only tool I've found that gives me the freedom to execute any idea that comes to me. Music Press allows me to accomplish my goals in all three areas of my professional life. I wouldn't use any other notation software.

Gregg Sewell, EditWorks/Lorenz Corporation

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