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To purchase Music Press or upgrade your existing version, please fill out an order form on our Secure Server. This is the safest and fastest way to order from us. The information you send from this form is encrypted, so it is safer than ordering by telephone, fax, or mail.

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If you have trouble connecting to the Secure Server, you can use a version which is not secure. This is not as safe as other methods of ordering, because the information is sent to Graphire in a way which is visible to someone who is looking for it. Although it is very unlikely that anyone would intercept this information, it is possible. If the secure server is not working for you, you can send the information this way. We recommend that if you do this, you do not include your credit card number. You can call or fax us to fill in the credit card information, or you can e-mail it. E-mail is somewhat safer than sending an insecure form from our Web site.

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