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We take customer support and customer feedback very seriously at Graphire. If you have a problem of any kind, we want to know about it. If you have suggestions, criticisms, or other comments please tell us. We especially want to hear from you if you have a problem or a suggestion. It is only with your help that Music Press can continue to grow and improve.

If you have a technical problem, a number of resources are available. Please explore the on-line information first, than e-mail us unless your question is very urgent. Sending us e-mail allows us to answer your question most efficiently and thoroughly, and is in fact often the fastest way to contact us. You might also consider sending your question to the discussion group.

Customer Service

Customer service is available to all customers via e-mail or telephone. If you have a problem with your floppy disks, your hardware key, your documentation, or you have a billing question, please contact us immediately.

Technical Support

Technical support is available free of charge to all owners of the current shipping version of Music Press. The technical support resources on this web site are password protected. If you are a customer and do not have the current logon information, please contact us.

See our download page to find out if you have the latest version of Music Press. If you have not upgraded to the latest version, you can do so easily with our on-line order form.

Technical Library

This is a collection of technical articles addressing issues which are not covered in our current documentation. If you are having a problem with something, please take a look here before calling us--your problem may have come up before.

E-mail Support

E-mail is the best way to communicate with Graphire. We will often be able to answer your question within 24 hours, and we can fully evaluate the question prior to answering. Always give us as much information as you can about the problem, and include your telephone number so we can call you with the answer if we feel that direct communication would be easier. You can e-mail us at or you can use the send message form on this site. If you wish to include a file you must use the form.

If you have a Music Press document which exhibits the problem, you can send it to us. This is the best way to report a problem since we will be able to see exactly what you are seeing. You can put comments directly into the Music Press file or enter them in the send message form. We can no longer accept documents attached to e-mail you send to support.

Discussion Group

Graphire hosts a discussion list which is open to all customers. We strongly encourage you to join it and post your questions to it. We will be monitoring the list and will often participate. This is also a place where you can post jobs if you have a work overflow, or ask questions and post information about music preparation in general.

You cannot attach documents to messages you send to the discussion group. If you want to share a document with the group, place it on your web site and post the link to the discussion group.

Telephone Support

Graphire provides telephone customer service and technical support at:

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